Introduction to the MongoDB
Bogdan Stashchuk
Bogdan StashchukSenior Software Engineer, CCIE, MBA, PhD

This course is for total beginners in MongoDB.

Goal of the course is to give you understanding of what is MongoDB, which main features it has and of course try to use those features yourself.

**NOTE** This course has edited by hand English Closed Captions (CC) for all lectures. They were also translated to many different languages. Please feel free to enable them in the video player.

You will learn how to perform following actions:

  1. Install MongoDB

  2. Insert documents into the collections

  3. Find documents using different query operators such as $and, $or, $gt

  4. Update documents using update operators such as $set and $unset

  5. Delete documents

You will be also able to explain some advanced MongoDB features such as:

  • Aggregation Framework

  • Indexes

  • MongoDB Utilities

  • MongoDB Replica Set

  • MongoDB external drivers

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Short and friendly introduction to the MongoDB.